The PATH consortium is designed to develop new and lasting research collaborations, achieving transfer of knowledge between participating organizations and contribution to improving research and innovation potential at the European and global levels.

The PATH project is focused on a targeted group of inter-sectorial research institute and professionals across Europe. The network has been selected in order to (1) include top level research institutions with expertise in the field of plasma technology (specifically for space application, because space applications require extreme performances and efficiency) covering all requested area of expertise, (2) include innovative SMEs with complementary skill and expertise, interested in the development of specific products or services.

PATH will contribute to:

  • Bridge both the technology and social uptake gap promoting leading-edge plasma source technologies for future commercial exploitation of products.
  • Develop innovative research figure profiles increasing the quality of European researchers who will in turn produce excellent work, thus attracting researchers to Europe.
  • Bring together academia and private sector for better utilisation of plasma source techniques and exploitation of such results in the telecommunication sector. The proposed network will develop a significant body of research groups that will address the main scientific challenges linked to well defined user needs, co-ordinate International research, and provide a link between academia and the private sector.
  • The network and its outreach activities will increase awareness at the level of government bodies and commercial actors to improve the use of these technics across the EU thus strengthening European innovation capacity.

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