T4i is a Spin-Off of University of Padua build up by people coming from the space propulsion group of the Centre of Studies and Activities for Space (CISAS) of the University of Padua (http://cisas.unipd.it).. The competence of T4i’s partners have been built up in more than 15 years of research at international level at CISAS. T4i main activities develop thought two main areas: (i) Consulting, aiming at providing industrial- consulting to develop innovative processes and products, (ii) Development of innovative products in the frame of plasmas and space-propulsion systems. In the first field T4i is going to support its partners through research and development activities in the following fields: (i) Thermo-mechanical design, (ii) Electrical engineering, (iii) CFD simulation,(iv) Software development, (v) development of experimental test-bed, (vi) Low-pressure and high-pressure plasma sources, (vii) electromagnetic simulations. Target of T4i is to provide a comprehensive service from preliminary design to a pre-industrial prototype. In the second field T4i focus its activity in the development of innovative propulsion systems for Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) , Small satellites, and plasma sources: In the field of small satellites T4i design and develop plasma thruster based on Helicon technology for small satellites ( <50 kg).In the field of plasma sources T4i design innovative plasma sources based on an improvement of the Helicon technology, achieved during the FP7 program HPH.com. Finally T4i is also applying the know how on plasma system in the development of innovative gas-plasma-based antenna for telecommunication. T4i has also a remarkable experience in the development of customized sophisticated electronic systems, including Control Electronic for Radio Frequency equipment for plasma applications, Conditioning system for Langmuir probes, High sensitivity moisture sensors, Capacitive sensor, Power Processing Unit (PPU) for RF thruster.

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